M3 e46 Rear View Mirror
Welcome to my Website. My name is John and I am the founder, owner and operator of MirrorJohn.com. I am based in Southampton, UK.

I am a BMW Rear-view mirror specialist with many years experience in the repair and refurbishment of Auto Dimming Rear-view mirrors.  I offer repairs, refurbishments, exchange and sales. Saving you a large amount of money on BMW prices and supplying you with an improved product. I also sell Wing mirror glass both standard and Auto-dimming. I supply custom Mirror Gauges hidden inside the rear-view mirror behind the glass. They are invisible until turned on and then shine through the glass.The mirror even still retains its normal dimming function. The gauge links in to yours car OBD port so can display a wealth of data in real time using a variety of displays and 'skins'. For the Stealth OEM++ look. A great modification for people that dont want to ruin the look of their interior with a 'Jap style' stuck on gauge but would still like to see Live Car data. Hidden when needed to be, but there when you need it to inform you of various engine information, vehicle stats and  sensor information. It is a useful must-have mod.

About me: I am what you could call a petrolhead. I really am a true enthusiast about the M3 and all other Drivers cars out there. I have got petrol in my blood and always willI have. Everything automotive related is my life and passion. Cars, Bikes, Driving, Racing, Spectating, modifying. I have owned a 2001 BMW E46 M3 Coupe since 2009. During that time it has been improved, refreshed, repaired and modified. It is an evolution, as I change parts and find better fixes to problems, repair items and make improvements on an already brilliant car. My car is a perfect test bed for all the products I offer you. I can test them myself in real life on the road to see how they perform. That way I know I am offering you the best products for the job. I only want the best for my car, so I only want to offer you the best too.

Being a Petrol-Head I get to meet lots of enthusistic like minded people who share my passion. I am a long serving member and Sponsor on both M3Cutters.co.uk and TotalMCars.com forums. Many people will know me by the same Forum name I use on many different Forums. You may know me as: JohnH79. I am friends with a lot of other like-minded Car owners through these Forums and from car shows and meets. You can read reviews on my website and on the www.TotalMCars.com and www.M3Cutters.co.uk forums. I have many hundreds of happy customers here in the UK and Worldwide. I ship Internationally and in most cases offer a Tracked/Signed-For service. I normally ship out within 1 day. Often I send out the same day you pay (depending on time and time-zone). I am proud to say that lots of my customers return to buy different products from me after being very happy with their experience.

Please email me if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

This is my own Heavily modified M3:
mirror johns M3 e46
Johns M3 E46

m3 mirror for sale