M3 e46 Rear View Mirror

Custom Mirror Gauge

I now offer Custom Mirror Gauges which I fit in to your existing Mirror.  I replace the mirror glass with a specially manufactured Glass 'Cell' that allows light to shine through from behind, but still reflects light from the front like a normal mirror. It works in the same way as a '2-way mirror' does. This specially manufactured glass still retains the important Auto-Dimming function. It is the same improved up- to-date Auto Dimming technology that I offer in my standard Glass 'Cell' replacements. Therefore, it uses the Gel rather than the liquid and is sealed in the improved way to the original glass. This gives you confidence that the mirror will never leak out again and potentially cause damage to your mirror casing or centre console. It also dims quicker than the original and goes slightly darker when required.

As part of my service I heavily modifying the internals of the mirror and fitting this special Auto Dimming Gauge Glass, I can then fit a Gauge of your choice to the inside of the mirror housing. Once I reassemble the mirror, the gauge is hidden inside behind the glass and out of sight.

The beauty of these mirror gauges I offer is that the mirror functions completely as normal, just like your mirror does as standard. When the gauge is turned off you cant see it at all. so it is completely hidden and keeps your car looking standard and original inside. No unsightly gauges stuck to your dashboard like a 'Rice Racer'! It doesn't look like your car is from the set of the Fast and the Furious! It just looks original and 'OEM' inside. However, when you would like to view additional information on your car and engine, you can turn the gauge on and have it in perfect line of sight. You only need to glance at it while driving, meaning you can keep your attention on the road/track ahead.
BMW M3 or M5 Mirror Gauge

Rear View Mirror Gauge - BMW
M5 & M3 Rear View Mirror Gauge - Custom Mirror Gauge

DM-200 Features
  • Actual RPM/Peak RPM
  • GPS Speed/Maximum Speed
  • Water Temperature/Maximum temperature
  • Battery Volts
  • Engine Load
  • Timing
  • Throttle Position
  • MAF Readings

The preferred Gauge I like to fit is the incredibly versatile PLX Devices DM-200 OBDII with OLED Colour display. This is my preferred gauge for many reasons. It has an excellent colour display with countless display options. You can display your information as a digital number, a traditional needle/dial setup or in graph format. You can also display FOUR lots of sensor information simultaneously. You can download different 'skins' to change the overall appearance of the display to your preference. The gauge is connected via your cars OBD Diagnostic port and draws all it's information from here. It displays so much information you will be amazed. A small selection of what it can show you:

You can connect in additional sensor modules (manufactured by PLX Devices) for displaying Boost Pressures on Turbo/Supercharged cars and lambda sensors for Air/Fuel Ratio. The Gauge also doubles as a powerful OBDII Code reader for viewing and clearing Fault codes.

Please see pictures of sample screen shots and images of the gauge fitted and functioning in my own E46 M3.

This is the main gauge I offer due to the fact I know it can be made to fit and it's relatively easy connection to the car's OBDII port. Plus, unlike a lot of Gauges out there; no additional sensors are required to operate straight away. It can however be linked to additional sensor modules as mentioned if required.  It also comes with it's own 4-button remote on a long cable. This means that once the gauge is hidden away inside your rear view mirror, you can still operate the gauge from the wired remote. This remote allows you to scroll through all the gauges menus and change settings, displays and parameters. All of this makes it ideal to be fitted inside the mirror.

The mirror will still need some basic wiring from the mirror to the OBD port. This can be undertaken by anybody with basic DIY/Car maintenance skills. The wires from the mirror passes through the Headlining and down the Windscreen A-pillar under the trim cover. There are already a bunch of wires that run down here, so it can join this bundle. The main control box the gauge connects to is then normally hidden up inside the drivers footwell and this connects to the cars OBDII port which is also in the Drivers footwell. The Remote for the gauge is best fitted in the small drawer/cubby hole by the drivers right knee. It is easy to get to and use there but is out of sight and keeping the interior looking standard.  A fitting service can be offered at my Southampton address for an additional cost for anybody not comfortable with wiring the mirror gauge themselves. Full fitting instructions will be supplied to everyone that is happy to do this wiring themselves.

This particular gauge setup is brilliant for people that like to keep an eye on their cars sensor data while driving and make sure everything is operating as it should. It is also excellent for people that like to do track days as it displays vital information in an easy to see format that can be glanced at while driving hard without taking your eyes off the road for too long.

Cost for the Special Improved Auto-Dimming 2-way mirror Glass with fitting and modification of the mirror housing to accept the Gauge is £350.00 plus the cost of Gauge. This price is for the glass and labour only. This is with you supplying me with your existing mirror and please note the cost of the Gauge you choose is on top of this price. The Special glass required is very expensive to manufacture and unlike most people's conversion, it still Automatically Dims just like the original.
There is also a lot of work involved in modifying the internals of the mirror housing so that it can accept the gauge.

Cost of the DM-200 OBDII Gauge pictured is an additional £195.00.

As well as the Preferred DM-200 OBDII Gauge mentioned above, other gauges can be fitted in to the mirror for customers.
Please let me know if there is another model you are considering.

I can fit in remote garage door openers, radar detectors, rev/shift lights etc etc. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Please Contact me for details or to place an order.