M3 e46 Rear View Mirror

Rearview mirror repair

REARVIEW MIRROR REPAIR. This service you are buying is to replace your auto-dim glass on your rearview mirror. You will need to post me your mirror in order to do this for you.

£ 120.00


***This is for a REPAIR of your failed auto-dim oval REARVIEW MIRROR as fitted to the BMW E46 M3 and E39 M5. This repair involves me removing your faulty auto-dim glass unit inside your mirror and replacing with one of my new improved auto dim glass units. This service is only for the Oval rearview mirror fitted to the BMW E46 M3 and E39 M5. For other shape mirrors please contact me. I keep many different mirror types in stock, so can repair most auto-dim mirrors fitted to BMW's and other brands. I also offer in-house repairs if you don't want to post me your mirror. By appointment you can visit me for repairs onsite while you wait. To purchase the glass only for DIY fitment or to purchase a complete refurbished rearview mirror, please see my other listings***

I am sure you are here reading this because your current Oval rearview mirror has failed. You may have experienced some of the following symptoms of your rearview mirror:

  • - Mirror is no longer dimming
  • - Mirror has a yellow tinge to it
  • - There are patches or bubbles in the glass
  • - Tide line or variations in colour
  • - Dust behind the glass
  • - Halo effect or inner circle present
  • - Mirror has leaked. Damage to the mirror casing or interior trim

How an Auto-dimming mirror works:

An auto-dimming mirror is comprised of two pieces of glass that are sealed together along the edges and then metal contact strips attached to both edges.

An electronic circuit board is attached to the rear of the mirror with a wire soldered to teach of the contact strips.

A conductive liquid is then injected and completely fills the area between the two pieces of glass and then sealed at the injection point. The back of the glass is coated with a silver mirror coating and under normal (non dimming) conditions the fluid is completely invisible and transparent. It works just like a normal mirror should, reflecting all light. The mirror housing contains the electronic circuit board and photo-sensors that measure ambient light, one facing toward the front of the car and one facing out towards the rear window. The forward facing sensor tells the mirror whether it's day or night and enables or disables the auto dimming function accordingly. If a sufficient amount of light is hitting the forward facing sensor the mirror will conclude that it's daytime and will not dim the glass at all, regardless of what the rear facing sensor sees. When the front facing sensor see reduced levels of light the electronic circuit board will begin applying very low levels of voltage to each piece of glass and the conductive fluid will begin to darken. The level of tinting is varied almost infinitely depending on the conditions. At night the mirror will be dimmer than during the day, however, when the rear facing sensor detects light (from a cars headlights behind) the mirror will actually dim even darker. This effectively reduces the amount of light that hits the mirror coating and eliminates glare. You may also notice your mirror dims if you drive under tree covered roads or through a dark tunnel. The level of dimming is constantly adjusted depending on light conditions. Another neat trick, is that if you put your car in to reverse at night, the mirror automatically un-dims, so that you can see where you are going! It’s all rather clever really! 

Unfortunately there was an issue with manufacture of these original mirrors which causes them to fail. They will all fail sooner or later. It is more 'When' the mirror will fail rather than 'If' the mirror will fail. Due to the poor original design, when the mirror fails it can cause devastating permanent damage. There is a (dimming) fluid sandwiched between two pieces of glass and this liquid is highly corrosive. When the mirror fails it can allow this liquid to leak out. When it leaks out the glass it will eat its way through your mirror casing and then damage anything it drips on to. I have have had unlucky customers who have had centre consoles damaged, gear knobs, seats and even a dashboard. It all depends on what the fluid leaks on when it drips out the mirror. This can make it a very expensive failure indeed. Especially if you need a new mirror too. A new mirror from BMW is over £400 and still uses the same (flawed) technology as the original. Some customers look to buy another second hand mirror as a replacement, however these carry the same risks of failing as the original. It isn't worth the risk. Your best option is to repair your current mirror only replacing the part at fault, the dimming glass unit. This is where I can help you.......

If your mirror has any of the above symptoms; the best thing you can do is remove it from your car straight away. Please bear in mind if you have a Convertible M3; by removing your rearview mirror some functions will stop working. You will no longer be able to lock your car with the remote fob. The central locking will no longer function and neither will the alarm. You can still lock the car manually using your key until the mirror is repaired and refitted in the car. If you have a Coupe, everything will still work as normal even with the mirror unplugged.

Once you have removed your mirror, I normally recommend following my DIY guide to strip the mirror down and remove the defective glass unit immediately. This will minimise any damage potentially caused by the leaking fluid. The DIY guide to remove the mirror from your car and carry out the full repair is located on my website here:

How to Fix

If you wish to do the repair yourself, please see my other listing for purchasing the glass unit only.

However, what I am selling here is a REPAIR SERVICE. If you click on PayPal button and purchase,you are agreeing to post me your faulty oval rearview mirror (at your cost). Once I have received it, I will strip the mirror down and remove your faulty auto-dim glass unit. It will then be replaced with one of my new improved auto-dim glass units and the mirror reassembled. I will then post the mirror back to you on a Tracked service. I repair the mirror the day I receive it and send it back the next day. If you are in the U.K. it is sent 'Royal Mail 1st class Signed-for', so you should receive back the (working) day after I post. International delivery varies in how long it takes to get back to you. Usually 5-10 days for Europe and 10-15 for the rest of the World. If you are in a hurry, the best and quickest option is always to purchase the glass from me and perform the DIY repair (as detailed on my website).

The NEW replacement auto dim glass that I fit in to your mirror is the best available on the market today. It uses the latest, state of the art dimming technology. Rather than a liquid, my glass uses a special dimming 'Gel'. It is not corrosive and will not leak out like the original glass. It also dims quicker and goes slightly darker (when required). It really is far superior in every way to the original. It also gives you the peace of mind that it will not fail again and cause damage to your mirror or interior trim. The quality is infact so high and so superior to all other glass on the market that it is offered with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY*. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects with the auto-dim glass unit itself for three years from the date of repair. The warranty obviously doesn't cover the mirror casing, sensors or circuit boards within the mirror or consequential loss. The warranty is on the glass unit you are purchasing that I am fitting in this auction. I have never had to replace one of these glass units under warranty and I have sold many many hundreds over the years I have been specialising in mirrors. However, if you do have an issue with the glass during the three years I will replace it (if the glass proves to be faulty). You will need to send me the mirror back with proof of purchase so that I can identify the fault. If it is within the three years and the glass at fault, I will replace it. You will not be charged for labour but will need to pay for carriage.

Due to the nature of the fluid, sometimes mirrors can leak out in transit when on the way to me for repair. This is due to the mirror moving around in transit. This is beyond my control. The leaking fluid in some instances can damage the casing and internal sensors. If this happens I do sell replacement light sensors which can be fitted (at your cost). I will notify you if this needs to be done and will not continue without your consent and payment. I cannot get hold of replacement mirror casings. So if the mirror is damaged by leaking fluid you will have to keep your original casing or consider buying a complete replacement mirror. If this leaking in transit happens then the damage is generally only cosmetic damage so the mirror can normally still be repaired and will function correctly. I will notify you if I receive a mirror with any cosmetic damage from leaking. I will then need our consent before I proceed to repair.

Due to the increased risk of damage due to leaking in transit I always recommend DIY repair. If you want to now do this, look at my other auctions for buying the glass. If you would still like to go ahead with the repair, click on the PayPal pay button. I will then email you with delivery details for sending me your mirror.

REPAIR - Bmw Auto-dim rearview mirror


I can deliver anywhere in the UK and Worldwide. I have many satisfied customers all over the World. I can always provide assistance to anybody that has questions when fitting. It really is quite easy with basic tools. If you don't want to do the installation yourself, click here for my Mirror Exchange Service: