M3 e46 Rear View Mirror


- New improved auto-dim glass ‘cell’ replacement offered for DIY fitment to Auto Dimming Rear View Mirrors. It is made in a different way to the original to stop it ever failing again. This will make your mirror better than new. Easy to fit with minimal tools, following my instructions online and a fraction of the price of a Brand new mirror unit from BMW. In most cases cheaper than a second hand mirror unit too. I do also offer full repair / refurbishment service on-site with testing/diagnostic equipment. BMW E46 M3, E39 M5 and other non-M BMW cars covered including (but not limited to) E39 5 Series (Saloon and Touring) and E46 3-series (Coupe, Saloon and Touring). Other Makes and models can also be catered for. Please email your requirements.

- Replacement Wing mirror glass offered for E46 M3 with adaptor cables (required for pre 2005 M3’s for heated elements), E39 M5, E46 3-series and E39 5-series (including power fold mirrors). All glass Blue Anti-glare tint and heated.

- Custom Mirror Gauges with integrated hidden OBD Diagnostic gauges for the ‘OEM Look’ when off. Auto-dim function still works and gauge provides a whole wealth of information on your cars engine/sensor status with fault diagnosis.

- Replacement Red Alarm LED covers for the bottom of the rear view mirror (often referred to as the ‘Clowns Nose’). E46 M3 only fitment.

- Auto-dimming wing mirror glass can be supplied, so your wing mirrors dim when your interior mirror does to reduce glare from cars behind. E46 M3 only currently. Will need to run cables to Rear View Mirror. Rear view mirror will need to be modified
M3 E46 & M5 E39 Rear View Mirror

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bmw M3 rear view mirror glass.
M5 & M3 Rear View MIrror Glass M5 / M3 Rear View Mirror Replacement / Exchange
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M3 & M5 Alarm LED Cover Bmw M3 Oval Mirror Gauge
Alarm LED Covers -
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Mirror Gauges -
Custom Gauges!
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BMW M3 Wing Mirror Glass BMW M£ Auto Dimming Wing Mirrors
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AutoDim Wing Mirror
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