M3 e46 Rear View Mirror

BMW M3 Auto Dimming Mirror Glass

For BMW M3 E46

The Auto Dimming Rear view mirror function fitted to the E46 M3 is a great piece of technology and very effective. It stops you getting dazzled by cars behind you and reacts very quickly. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about your wing mirrors! These do not 'dip' or dim like your rear view mirror so it can be quite uncomfortable if you have a car behind you with their Main Beam on.

I now have a solution. I can offer special glass for your E46 M3 Wing Mirrors that dims when your rear view mirror does. You will never be dazzled by a car behind you again!

It is genuine OEM BMW glass so very high quality and still has the element built in for de-misting. As the E46 M3 was not designed to work with Auto dimming rear view mirrors this is not a 'plug and play solution'. Unfortunately the wiring is not in place for this so you will need to run wires yourself. You will need to run wires from the mirror glass (on both sides) to your rear view mirror. To do this you will need to remove your door card and run the wires from the inside the wing mirror through the cable trunking from the door in to the car. You then run the cable up the A-Pillar behind the trim with all the other wires and along the top of the windscreen under the room trim to the mirror.

As you need a feed from your rear view mirrors to connect to these wires to, it does involve taking your mirror apart. You can follow my guide to do this here. You just solder a wire to the IC+ and a wire to the IC- on the main circuit board inside the mirror. I can offer this service as part of my Auto Dimming mirror repair or 'Mirror Exchange Service'.

To buy the glass new from BMW is ridiculously expensive. I offer good quality used heated dimming wing mirrors at a fraction of the price of new from BMW. They fit perfectly in the mirror housing and clip on to the mirror base plate as they should. I even supply a Genuine 3M Double-sided sticky pad for providing additional peace of mind when fitting the glass. As this is a used product I am offering, I cannot offer a warranty.

This can be done as a DIY fit if you feel confident removing trim and running wires yourself. If not a garage will do it for you.

Full fitting guide with pictures coming soon..

M3 Autodim Wing Mirror Glass

M3 Auto Dim Wing Mirror Glass

£150 a pair (used)


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